Allergic Asthma + Cough Syncope (fainting)
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2015-07-20 09:07:27 UTC
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Hi, Walter.

I completely understand your situation and I'm so sorry this is happening with you. I will earnestly pray for healing and strength. My husband who is 56 has dealt with asthma, allergies, and cough syncope for 8 years. In the beginning, passing out was a few times a year and always a cough. Over the last 8 years he's increasingly gotten worse. Coughing is day and night and passing out is weekly. When he begins to get a cold, it's much worse. We've gone from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist, and many, many test. He is being treated by a specialist at Emory in Atlanta. Instead of taking his records with us, we made the decision to go in and start the process over in hopes the problem and a cure would be found. No change. He's on all the medication that SHOULD bring a positive change. It hasn't. The coughing and passing out continues. It's not his heart, it's not the nerve in his neck, it's not what he's eating, and so forth. All these areas have been tested. He coughs when he talks, coughs when he laughs, coughs when be eats and drinks, coughs when he's sleeping, and coughs when he's doing nothing. At least four doctors have said, "Reactive Airway Disease". My husband has never smoked. His parents owned farmland (growing rice and soy beans), and chemicals were used. He's had asthma and allergies since childhood. He's been a pastor for 38 years. His daily life has and is changing dramatically. The simple things have now become difficult. Driving is coming to an end, staying alone is coming to an end, eating out is limited, going to catch a movie is out, and so much more. He's passed out while I'm driving, he's passed out coming off the stage from preaching, he's passed out in our restroom, cutting his head, he's passed out at the lake, hitting the ground, and so much more. It's not only changed his life, but mine and our family. I applaud my husband for pressing on and not giving up. I can see how is weighing on him. It's overwhelming. Each time I hear him cough, I take off running to get to him just in case he's going out. And each time he's out, I'm concerned he won't come back. It is difficult.

I'm praying for answers and I'll be praying for you. I'll be reading in case someone here has answers. You never know, it can happen.
2016-11-14 18:33:55 UTC
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Ive been diagnosed with uncontrolled asthma syncope. Been commenced on prednisolone.. anti biocics.. becotide inhaler and ventolin.. im a 47 yr old female with ph of very mild asthma in my early 20s only. My Gp has also refered me to a cardiologist.. ask for further help and referal. I cant drive at the moment either ad have had 8 full syncope in last 6 weeks. Its horrible!!!